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I am the owner of, born in Sweden, loved to draw and paint since I was a very young child. I have
always felt blessed for my gift to paint. It was with great excitement I eventually opened a studio in Malmo
where I commissioned pet portraits. All the three major  local daily newspapers gave me  fantastic reviews. I
displayed my art in the windows and walls and worked in a room behind the store that had big bright windows
with lots of light coming in. My customers where welcome to come and see how I created a painting, and for
them it was interesting to see how it developed.

After work I would enjoy coming home to my horses, dogs, cats, and all other pets that I had living on the
country side. I'll never forget my first horse, a beautiful chestnut mare, a horse of my own,  that I dreamed
of since a young child . I was truly in heaven! In the wintertime I would take a horse on a sled ride through
the forest. Today I do ride my iron horse, a Kawasaki Vulcan 750, and love it as much!

In US, I eventually continued with my art and it has since stretched out to a lot more then animal portraits.
Now the logos Designs, Business Card Designs, Murals, Flyers, Book Illustrations, Breed Standards, Custom
Oil Paintings and so much more. I live in California, about 30 minutes driving distance from San Francisco,
and it's a fantastic part of the world. So many beautiful places to see and so close to lots of interesting spots,
like Disney Land, Las Vegas, Tahoe, Yosemite, not to forget the Bay Area itself. I have 3 wonderful children
and they all have the gift of art as well. AmiArt now a family business where my talented children also are highly involved. I hope you will enjoy looking around the website, for any questions, please call or e-mail !