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                 High quality vinyl die cut decals. Durable and water resistant bumper sticker you will
                enjoy  for many years. All weather resistant. Applies to most flat surfaces such as cars,
                trucks, RV's, notebooks, windows and walls. Ships same or next day you order! All our
                decals are designed in House- at AmiArt - New suggestions are welcome!  email us!



Golden Gate Bridge-I Love San Francisco bumper sticker decal




PLUR-I Love Raving-EDM-rave bumper sticker decal



     PLUR - I LOVE RAVING   5" x 4"


Pet Emergency Sticker-I Love my pets-Save my pets in case of an emergency- bumper sticker decal



      PET EMERGENCY ALERT    5" x 4"

Ski Decal-I Love Skiing-Alpine skiing bumper sticker decal



      I LOVE SKIING   5" x 4"


Soccer Decal-I Love playing Soccer games- bumper sticker decal



     SOCCER FAN     5" x 4"



dog paw, cat paw animal paw showing that i love my pet. animal rights is important to me and the love for pets and animals. Love your pet and take care of your animals.


     FOOTPRINTS   3.75" X 4.8"





     GIRL POWER   3.75" X 4.8"





      #1 BITCH   3.75" X 4.8"