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Ami, You did a logo for me for my Anasazi sled dog kennel about 10 yrs ago. I just wanted to let you know that I'm still completely in love with it, after so much time has passed! I was rereading my poor description of what I had in mind, and I'm still floored that you were somehow able to read my mind. My logo is just beautiful & still perfect for me & my dogs.

Thank you & keep up the gorgeous work you do!          
 Kristen Lynch                        {September 7, 2013)

Ami was highly recommended to me to do my graphic design. I gave her some ideas and she worked within my concept but it just didn’t ‘work’. I asked her to use her gift to bring a new idea to the table and what she created was amazing. The first draft she sent me almost knocked me off my chair. It was something I would have never thought of. She was patient with me and worked through the process and I know I burned her valuable time with modifications but she was more interested in me being happy with the final product as opposed to the ‘bottom line’ of cost. You are
                                                    amazing Ami and I thank you for everything! With gratitude,

                                                        Linda Ledenbach Benecke - California

pet portraits-Cat painting, Jezabelle from Martinez, CA

Ami, I ordered the Jezabelle cat portrait from you, it was quite a hit at the birthday party! Everyone loved it, but especially the people who knew the cat. They said it looked so much like her, and what a beautiful job you did. Even better, she looks regal, and like a royal cat. I don’t know how you painted the personality in the picture, but you did! The eye color came out perfect, too. You really out did yourself! Kathy started to cry as soon as she saw it. She cries every time she talks about it and says it is the best birthday present she has ever received. As soon as she got home she hung the picture up in her room. I know I will be contacting you again for a portrait for me sometime down the road. I would not go to anyone else! You are so talented, and it was such a pleasure to meet you.

                               Mary (Mimi) Goodall - California

pet portraits-Cat painting


Daniel Contessa - New Jersey


pet portraits- Horse-Stonegate-farm logo design, New York

I love it...This is perfect! Thank you so much for doing such a great job!

Kelly Harner - Stonegate Farm - New York


pet portraits- Cat painting, CA

Ami, Receive the painting yesterday. It is just beautiful what a wonderful job you did on it. Everybody at work love it. I give them your card and I'm sure they will use you some time down the road.
I really appreciate you rushing it for me. I just want to tell you that my husband love the painting. Make him cry 2 time around. Thanks so much for making this happen.

                              Nina Pung - California


pet portraits-Shih-tzu dog painting, CA

I was overwhelmed with my daughters birthday gift to me -  the wonderful painting of my Shih Tzu  Fu Lin. I'm proud to  have her on your web site and hope you wont mind if I pass  the word on your talents to my friends with animals.

Robert  T. Raymond - California


pet portraits-Bull Terrier painting

If you are looking for someone of talent and ability to capture a "Living Image" of you or a beloved pet then go no further. My sister commissioned Ami to do a picture of my dog that passed away a few years ago as a gift. With only a handful of pictures Ami managed to capture the essence and energy of Meatball. I find my self looking at it all the time in awe of the detail and brilliance Ami put into it. e-mail me at if you want more ringing endorsements for Ami and her work.

                              Mike Haddon - Texas

pet portraits-Pet Sitting logo design, Purrfect Harmony, Florida

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to your craft. I will let you know what kind of reaction I get from the general public on the logo once I get my cards and brochures printed. I think it will leave a lasting impression and that is what you want. Who could forget the cat with the batons in his paws and the look in his eyes?

Becky Pugh, Purrfect Harmony Pet Sitting, Florida


Pet Sitting logo design-Critter Cruiser Pet sitting, Washington

Just wanted to let you know that I got my business cards delivered yesterday. They look amazing. I've gotten nothing but  good comments about them. Everyone loves the logo you designed. I also got your CD today. Thank you so much for all your help. I will definitely refer you to anyone who needs a logo designed. Once again thank you for all of your help. Couldn't be more pleased. 

Ronda Nelson - Critter Cruiser Pet Sitting - Washington

pet portraits-Cat painting CaliforniaI just got the paining and it looks absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe ho much detail it has. You even managed to get the little freckle in her left eye. Thank you so much for doing such a great job. I absolutely love it.

Aileen, Wilson, California


pet portraits-Bulldog dog painting, Oklahoma

The painting is perfect! You have done a tremendous job! Thank you for all your help and hard work. 

Joe Bednarz- Oklahoma


pet portraits-Greyhound Lab mix, Ohio

Just to let you know, Linda opened her special birthday present yesterday and her reaction was beyond words!  She thought you captured the very essence of Annie!  THANK YOU so much for creating such a wonderful piece of art and memory for my best friend.

Audrey J. Beach - Ohio


pet portraits-Pet Portraits, Texas

I love it, I love it, I love it! Excellent work again!  I don't know how you do it.  My director was so surprised and she loved it as well.  She can't wait to get it framed and hung up.  I had told her I had something coming for her, so she was very intrigued and had know idea what it was.  Thanks so much for the great work and care you put into all your work.  I hope to have the occasion to put your talent to work   again in the future. 

                              Roxanne South, Texas


pet portraits-Barnstormer Cookies Pet Logo Design, Doggie Treats, FloridaThank you, Thank you, Thank you Ami! I love my new logo! !! You are awesome!! I can't wait to start baking and also can't wait to get my logos framed so I can hang them in my office! Amanda, my daughter says: "thank you for the kitty decal!" Very cute!!! Your hard work, business support and friendship is very much appreciated Ami!! Thanks again, take care. Hugs,

Ami, Barnstormer Cookies, Florida


pet portraits-Pittbull dog painting by Ami, California

Just wanted to let you know that the painting of Tito turned out great and that my dad loved it. Thank you very much for your wonderful attention to detail as well as making sure I had it in time for Saturday.  I have already spread the word about your website and hope that others will think about having you do a portrait for them. 

Melissa Keasler - California 

I got the painting yesterday, looks Great. We gave it to our friends last night and they love it! Thanks again.

Trish Traux, Wisconsin


I really love the logo design!! I can't wait to start using it. I'm building a web site and I'm really excited about using the logo on it.

Cindy Flanary, Sweet Dreams Pet Sitting - Georgia


Ami, this is Awesome!!  I absolutely Love the color of the  horse. I can't tell you how many compliments I have received. My website should be up soon, and my company logo will be displayed proudly! Thank you.

Karen Dando,  DesignHorse, Inc - Texas


Wonderful! Fantastic! Excellent! Superb!  
Marilyn and I are Soooo Pleased !!! Words can't express our gratitude !  ! After seeing this it is going to be OH So  Difficult holding off and not sharing your talents with our Board of Directors till the Kalamazoo Shows on June 12th  !  ! Thanks so much for your patience in working up all those sketches.
What a fantastic job!!

                              Jim and Marilyn Butler - New York
                              Founders. UNITED ALASKAN KLEE KAI Association


Hi! I received the portraits today! They are unbelievable! I love the way you put Samba's paw tucked under. He always lies like that and the brown strokes through his hair resembles his natural coat. I was truly blown away by both of them. You are unbelievably talented. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I am so excited to have these paintings. Thanks again!

Jenny Sutherland - Georgia

Loving it and getting lots of compliments...I always tell them your web site and that my picture is characters, but you are an excellent artist for true life drawings....

Nancy Werring, PAWSing...To Pamper -  Arizona 


Amy, I received the drawings yesterday. Thank you so much, I love them! I couldn't help but cry when I saw how well done they were. Thank you again.

Marie Lambinicio - Oregon


It looks great! You really caught their personalities in their  faces. I framed it yesterday and it's ready to be wrapped.

- By the way, my wife loved the painting.

Chris Barber - Florida


I received the painting of Mufasa and it is absolutely gorgeous! You captured his expression and his sweetness perfectly! I can hardly wait to have it framed and give it to my daughter and her family. I know they are going to love it! Thank you again for everything.

Roberta Nicholson


You are marvelous!! That's it, I love it and its mine. It's different than anyone else, I Love it, Love it, Love it,  feel like dancing a jig. You really put a smile on my face this morning then, I almost cried, the dog looks just like Wizard when he would jump up and greet me when I would come through the door, you captured him perfect. Also it really looks like the yards in Florida! Thank you sooo much!!!

Claudia Crawford - Pet Choice Pet Sitting, Florida

The Logo is awesome. Your artwork is fantastic. I will be happy to tell others of your work. Thank you very much.

Doug Heitz - Kazlo Siberians - Rhode Island


Wow, Ami!!!  I absolutely Love it!!!!  I will certainly be contacting you again soon to do a painting for us.

Carrie Brejack - Cyper-Paws Design - Pennsylvania


I just picked the portrait up this morning. Oh, my God! It is fabulous! Thank you so much. Your comment was right on the target about him being a "little" big dog. I really appreciate all you have done.  

Mary Fenno - Virginia